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The benefits of recycling your hazardous waste

hazardous waste solvents

The term hazardous waste conjures up images of toxic sludge and glowing radioactive substances when really, you might be surprised to learn, the term also applies to quite a lot of common household and business waste. Simply speaking, hazardous waste encompasses any waste that can be harmful to the environment.

Identifying hazardous waste

Identifying some forms of hazardous waste, such as oils, fuels, solvents and paints, is relatively straightforward, however correctly identifying some hazardous waste can be much more tricky. Further examples of hazardous waste include:

  • Asbestos
  • Chemicals
  • Batteries
  • Solvents
  • Pesticides
  • Inedible oils
  • Equipment containing ozone depleting substances, such as fridges
  • Hazardous waste containers






Generally speaking, anything that is toxic, corrosive or flammable will be a hazardous waste. If you are uncertain about an item in your possession, you can find help in classifying it here

Regulations and fines

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) take the disposal of hazardous waste very seriously and, in order to minimize the cases of incorrect disposal, put regulations into place to ensure the correct procedures were undertaken for the safe removal of different classifications of hazardous waste. Failure to comply with the EPA’s regulations can result in you being issued a £5,000 fine. The regulations can be complex and difficult to follow, especially if you are uncertain on the classification of the hazardous waste in your possession, which is why it is recommended that you rely on the services of a professional agency, such as EnviroCraft.

The benefits


Recycling your hazardous waste has many environmental and economic benefits that make recycling the clear choice when disposing of your waste.

Protect habitats

Incorrect disposal of hazardous waste, such as solvents and heavy metals, can cause toxic substances to seep into the soil and contaminate the water supplies and habitats of many nearby fauna. Once these substances have been absorbed into the earth, they are very difficult to clean up and can have a substantial detrimental effect on the local eco-system. Choosing to recycle your waste reduces this risk and help keeps the balance of the local wildlife intact.

Reduce consumption of raw materials

Recycling means that fewer raw materials will be needed for production, when it comes to hazardous waste this is especially beneficial as it means less hazardous produce will be created for use in the next generation of products, maintaining a steady level, or lowering the amount of hazardous waste, in the environment. As beneficial as this is to the environment, it is also financially beneficial to you. When recycling, productions become more efficient, enabling the cost of purchasing raw materials to reduce and retail prices to be lowered.

Burn fewer fossil fuels

Fossil fuels are a limited resource and preserving them is of utmost importance. Recycling requires less energy than complete production, meaning fewer fossil fuels will be burned and we can preserve our stores for a while longer.

Reduce emissions

By reducing the amount of fossil fuels burned in the creation of hazardous products, the amount of harmful emissions, such as carbon dioxide, that are released into the atmosphere are reduced.

Positive image

The importance of preserving the environment is a global issue that a large population of the world, and indeed the governments, are backing completely. ‘Going Green’ with your business or company allows you to brand your company as environmentally responsible which portrays a good corporate image and may even help to increase your revenue.


EnviroCraft specialise in hazardous waste disposal and cater to businesses of any size. Our efficient and flexible transport fleet operate from various hubs around the UK, meaning we can offer quick and professional nationwide collection and disposal. EnviroCraft can help rid you of all varieties of toxic waste including:


  • Liquid waste
  • Garage waste
  • Industrial chemical waste
  • and more!




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