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Reducing Plastic Waste: What your company can do to help?

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A single person can make a big difference to plastic waste, so imagine what a whole company can achieve when working towards a plastic-free future. This non-biodegradable material is wildly overused in the modern age, and contributes to a multitude of headaches for our planet: groundwater pollution, ocean suffocation, and harm to wildlife. The good news is that industries, rather than individuals, can make this biggest impact in this area. If you’re wondering, how can my business reduce plastic waste?, these tips should help you make a start.

Spur on your staff

If you have big plans for an eco-overhaul, it’s vital to get your employees on board as this support system will be vital when trying to implement your changes. Staff need to know what changes are happening, when they are happening, and why it is good for both the company and the environment. Take a positive approach and get them excited at the prospect – it will be plainer sailing if you do, and will also raise awareness of the issues on a mass scale. Launching fun events, such ‘naked’ lunches (packaging free) or competitions, can help people engage even more.

Encourage Re-Use

Gifting your employees with branded items – such as water bottles or travel mugs – can offer all the more encouragement to use them and avoid plastic alternatives. It’s also a great marketing tool, and the perfect way to get your company logo out and about – whilst helping the environment at the same time.

De-Plastic your workplace

This will depend on your industry. If you run a shop, switch to paper bags or cardboard boxes, or invest in producing your very own ‘bags for life’ to discourage shoppers from their plastic cousins. Try and source products that are not packaging-heavy, and stock a few reusable goodies, such as water bottles and travel mugs. Offices, on the other hand, need to encourage workers rather than customers to go plastic-free – this starts with your in-house policies, so focus on ‘greening’ them up. Ensure your stationary is of recycled origin, and as plastic-free as possible.

Switch the straw

Have a catering or hospitality business? Reconsider bulk-buying plastic straws and giving them to customers willy-nilly. Instead, either enforce a policy where customers have to ask for their own or trade in your plastic straws for paper versions, which are much friendlier to the environment.

Recycle smartly

Though everyone can strive to reduce plastic usage, you may find it a challenge to avoid this material completely. Recycling is therefore a hugely important step to give plastic a second chance at life – diverting it away from landfill and averting the associated problems. Here at Envirocraft, we can handle any amount of plastic recycling with total ease and are committed to reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill. Establish recycle bins throughout your workplace to encourage this action amongst your staff – perhaps placing one in each department to stimulate a competitive ‘who can recycle the most’ vibe.

Envirocraft understand all the ins and outs of plastic recycling, thanks to our years of industry experience. We will collect and recycle plastic for businesses of any size or scale, and aways with the utmost efficiency. To get your free, no-obligation quote, simply contact our friendly team today.


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