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How To Correctly Dispose of Fluorescent Tubes & Lamps


disposing of fluorescent tubes

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Fluorescent tubes are a commonly used lighting source thanks to their efficiency and easy installation, however, whilst being freely used across the UK, many people don’t know how and why to correctly dispose of fluorescent lighting, and these harmful products are ending up in landfills and damaging our environment.

Are Fluorescent Tubes Harmful?

Fluorescent tubes can be very harmful to the environment, wildlife and even humans. Any variety of fluorescent lighting contains mercury, a highly toxic metal. If incorrectly disposed of, mercury can dissipate into the atmosphere which allows it to contaminate water supplies and wildlife. Once this has happened, humans are susceptible to mercury poisoning which is problematic to all, but extremely dangerous for pregnant women and the development of their babies. This contamination mostly occurs when mercury is incinerated, which is a common way of dealing with waste that ends up in landfills.

How do I Correctly Dispose of Fluorescent Tubes & Fluorescent Tube Lamps?

The most important thing is to avoid putting your tubes into your general waste or recycling bin. To safely dispose of the tubes or lamps, you will need to locate a specialised recycling service – these are sometimes available in hardware stores – however, it is important to note that the majority of these recycling services will not accept broken or damaged fluorescent tubes.

Why not save yourself some time and effort by employing EnviroCraft’s pick up service? We’re available daily to pick up and safely dispose of your hazardous waste, so you don’t have to.

How do I Safely Dispose of a Broken Fluorescent Tube Light?

If your fluorescent lighting is damaged, you need to minimise the number of people exposed to it – have all pets and people leave the room and turn off any central heating or air conditioning you have on to prevent the toxins being transferred from room to room. Open any windows and doors to air the room out and use stiff paper, cardboard or a disposable wet wipe to transfer the fragments into an airtight container. You can use sticky tape to collect any smaller fragments, but do not vacuum unless all attempts to clean up the fragments have failed as this can spread the mercury powders or vapours when you next use your vacuum. Contact a safe disposal service to collect the sealed fragments.


For the safe disposal of fluorescent tubes, you can rely on EnviroCraft. Our efficient and hardworking team are dedicated to protecting the environment from harm in the most conscientious way. Our transport fleet can travel the country to take your hazardous waste off your hands in a timely manner and at an affordable price. For more information, contact us here.



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