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Home Waste Disposal

Home Waste Guide

Knowing how to dispose of your personal belongings correctly can get extremely confusing, especially when carrying out a house clearance and sorting your hazardous or WEEE items from your general waste.

Take a look at our handy home waste guide to help you on the way to a stress free waste disposal project or alternatively call our team of experts for friendly help & advice.

At Envirocraft we offer a professional site clearance service to ensure all your home items are disposed of correctly in order to protect the environment, contact our team for a free quote.

For nationwide waste management services get in touch for free on 0800 030 6014


Interactive Waste Guide For The Home

Disposing your waste responsibly, no matter how small or large it is, is absolutely essential for keeping the environment safe and complying with the law. But how to know where to dispose of every little thing? Simply use our interactive guide to find out how to safely throw out any and all waste in your home!

living living

    Living Room

  • 1. Television (WEEE Recycling):

    Your old television must be disposed of in compliance with WEEE recycling regulations as they contain toxic materials such as lead and mercury. Envirocraft offer a convenient domestic waste clearance service where we can collect your WEEE recycling items. You’ll only pay for the items we collect, too.

  • 2. Sofa (General Waste):

    Sofas can be taken to landfill or to your local recycling centre. Envirocraft have a fleet of vans of various sizes, and we’re able to collect general waste for responsible disposal.

  • 3. Fixtures / Furniture (General Waste):

    Generally, your furniture will be classed as general waste. If you’re concerned that a fixture or furniture item contains hazardous materials, contact a professional to check.

  • 4. Light bulbs (Energy saving = Hazardous Waste):

    Energy saving light bulbs are classed as hazardous waste - special measures must be taken, such as contacting Envirocraft to arrange hazardous waste collection

bathroom bathroom


  • 1. Ceramic Fixtures (General Waste):

    Ceramic fixtures are classed as general waste and can be disposed of by regular means.

  • 2. Tiles (General Waste):

    Classed as general waste, tiles can be discarded normally.

  • 3. Medical Waste (Hazardous Waste):

    Medical waste, such as medicine, needles and more, is classed as hazardous waste and must be disposed of responsibly.

  • 4. Fluorescent Bulbs (Hazardous Waste / Recycling):

    Any fluorescent bulbs in your home must be recycled or disposed of as hazardous waste.

kitchen kitchen


  • 1. Fixtures & Fittings (General Waste):

    Fixtures and fittings in your kitchen are often general waste, but if you’re unsure simply contact our professional team to find out for sure. When you book domestic waste clearance with Envirocraft, you’ll only pay for the waste you have removed, too.

  • 2. Electrical Appliances (WEEE Recycling):

    All electrical appliances, such as your microwave, toaster and kettle, are classed as WEEE items and therefore hazardous - use the appropriate disposal channels, not general waste.

  • 3. Fridges & Freezers (Hazardous Waste):

    Fridges, freezers and other white goods in your kitchen are classed as hazardous waste; they cannot be sent to landfill and must be treated properly at a recycling centre, such as the one here at Envirocraft. We can collect hazardous and WEEE recycling waste with our domestic waste clearance service.

  • 4. Gas Appliances:

    Recycling your gas appliances is the perfect way to dispose of them. Most are composed highly of steel, which can be melted down and reused. Envirocraft offer a waste collection and comprehensive recycling services.

bedroom bedroom


  • 1. Electrical Goods (WEEE Recycling):

    Electrical goods of any kind, including mobile phones, lamps, tablets, games consoles and more, contain harmful materials. WEEE recycling legislation rules apply which Envirocraft are more than happy to help with.

  • 2. Light Bulbs (Hazardous Waste):

    Energy saving light bulbs are classed as hazardous waste and therefore must be responsibly disposed of, not simply sent to landfill.

  • 3. Mattress (General Waste):

    Mattresses are classed as general waste because they don’t contain any environmentally harmful materials. Envirocraft are able to dispose of mattresses for you, and we’re ADR registered, meaning we can collect both general and hazardous waste at the same time!

  • 4. Carpets (General Waste):

    Your carpet can be disposed of by regular means, such as landfill, as it is not environmentally damaging. People often assume they’ll need a skip to remove these bulky items; however, Envirocraft can collect all general waste and you won’t need a permit for our services!

  • 5. Fixtures & Fittings (General Waste):

    Depending on the fixture and fitting in mind, it could either be classed as general or hazardous. Mostly, the item will be general or recyclable waste, but if you’re unsure simply contact our professional team to find out!

garage garage


  • 1. Wood (General Recyclable Waste):

    Wood is a recyclable material. Don’t simply dispose of it at landfill: see about taking it to a recycling centre instead!

  • 2. Tyres:

    Tyres must be recycled responsibly. Local councils and waste disposal services are able to collect and recycle old tyres.

  • 3. Vehicle Batteries (Hazardous Waste):

    Any old vehicle batteries lying about in your garage contain hazardous materials - hazardous waste disposal is required.

  • 4. Electrical Appliances (WEEE Recycling):

    Any electrical appliances in your garage such as lawnmowers and power drills must be taken to a WEEE recycling centre for proper disposal. Envirocraft are able to handle all your WEEE requirements.

utility utility


  • 1. Electrical Appliances (WEEE Recycling):

    Electrical appliances like your vacuum cleaner, iron and carpet cleaner must be taken to a WEEE recycling centre like the one here at Envirocraft. Alternatively, we have a fleet of vans available to collect domestic waste on your behalf - a convenient solution allowing you to relax!

  • 2. Fixtures & Fittings (General Waste):

    Whether or not your fixtures and fittings in your utility room are considered general, recyclable or hazardous waste depends on what they are made of. Contact our friendly team to find out how to dispose of an item if you’re not sure!

  • 3. White Goods - Washing / Dryer (WEEE Recycling):

    Washing machines, tumble dryers and other white goods must be taken to a WEEE recycling facility for responsible disposal.


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