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Office Waste Disposal

Office Waste Guide

If you’re planning an office clear out and are not sure how to dispose of your waste correctly our handy guide can help ensure you’re always disposing of items responsibly.

Whether you have a large amount of WEEE waste or you’re having a complete office revamp, the team at Envirocraft have years of experience in professional and convenient waste clearance services. Contact our team for a free quote today.

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office waste management guide

Interactive Office Waste Guide

If you’re planning an office clearout, you may surprise yourself with just how much clutter you’ve accumulated as a company throughout the years. For speed, the temptation to simply throw out your office’s old contents and start over could be a strong one, but you must avoid thoughtlessly doing so. This is because there are strict rules and regulations in place that outline exactly how to dispose of your waste items.

Here, you can find our comprehensive and interactive office environment waste guide. You can use this guide to ensure you’re always disposing of your office items responsibly.

canteen appliance disposal canteen appliance disposal

    Kitchen Area

  • 1. Microwaves (WEEE Recycling):

    Electronic items such as your microwave are classed as WEEE items. That means that they contain hazardous materials that would harm the environment at landfill sites. You must recycle these via appropriate channels at a dedicated WEEE recycling centre, such as the one here at Envirocraft.

  • 2. Fridge-freezers (WEEE Recycling):

    You can’t send any white goods in your office to landfill. These items, such as your fridge-freezer, need recycling at a dedicated centre. Envirocraft offer a comprehensive hazardous and WEEE recycling waste collection service for your convenience.

  • 3. General Waste:

    You can dispose of any general waste, such as food and food packaging, through regular means, like your bin.

  • 4. Plastic Cups:

    If you have a water cooler in your office, you may throw away a lot of plastic cups during an average day. Remember to recycle these instead of sending them to landfill, as well as all other recyclable items such as cardboard food packets.

waste management for offices waste management for offices

    General Office

  • 1. Computers (WEEE Recycling):

    Any old computers you have in your office are considered WEEE recycling items. You can’t send these straight to landfill as they would harm the environment. Instead, remember to recycle your computers through a WEEE recycling centre, such as the one right here at Envirocraft.

  • 2. Printers / Printer Ink:

    Printers are a WEEE recycling item, so should be recycled through an appropriate channel. Envirocraft offer a comprehensive WEEE recycling waste collection service to help with this. Printer ink cartridges, meanwhile, should also be recycled at a dedicated facility to protect the environment.

  • 3. Light Fittings:

    If you have any old light fittings in your office you want to throw away, do not put them in the bin: these are hazardous waste items. Envirocraft can collect light fittings, fluorescent tubes and any other hazardous waste from your office and responsibly dispose of it on your behalf.

  • 4. Office Desk Chairs & General Furniture:

    For the most part, any furniture in your office, including any desk chairs, is considered general waste. Some items may contain hazardous materials, however, so it’s worth asking a professional to check. What’s more, these items are often bulky and difficult to dispose of; Envirocraft can help with our commercial site clearance services.

  • 5. Confidential Paperwork:

    All offices have vast swathes of confidential paperwork underpinning them, but from time to time you’ll need to dispose of it safely. If you have any paperwork you need confidentially shredded and disposed of, check out our confidential shredding services.

  • 6. Paper, Plastic and Cardboard:

    Any and all general recyclable items in your office - such as paper, plastic and cardboard - should be disposed of via your public recycling channels. However, if you have bulk items to recycle, Envirocraft can help with our site clearance services instead.

electronics waste management electronics waste management

    Reception Area

  • 1. Telephones & Headsets (WEEE Recycling):

    If you’re investing in new telephones, your old ones will want recycling. As telephones and any accompanying headsets are WEEE recycling items, you must recycle these at a dedicated WEEE recycling centre. This is where Envirocraft can help.

  • 2. Televisions:

    Many offices feature a television for any visitors to watch while they wait in the reception. Disposing of your old television must be done through a WEEE recycling centre.

  • 3. Furniture:

    Most furniture is considered general waste, so you can dispose of it at landfill or at your local recycling centre. However, some items may contain hazardous materials, so consult a professional first. A site clearance may help with bulkier items, and Envirocraft offer comprehensive site clearances for your convenience.

commercial furniture disposal commercial furniture disposal

    Breakout Areas

  • 1. Sofas:

    Sofas in your breakout areas are considered general waste, meaning that you can dispose of them via landfill or a recycling centre if they have wooden components. If you’re worried that some components are hazardous, consult a professional. For bulky sofas, our site clearance services can help you clear them away, no hassle.

  • 2. Tables & Chairs:

    Your breakroom’s table and chairs can all be disposed of through regular means, as they are considered general waste. However, as they are often wooden or metallic, you can recycle these. Envirocraft have a comprehensive recycling centre for exactly that; contact us today to find out more.


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