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EnviroCraft Waste Solutions' Case Studies

Have a look at some of our case studies below to learn a little more about the waste management and recycling work carried out here at Envirocraft.

  • Birmingham Depot Case Study

    A large Housing Association required a 20ft lockable container and loose collection of WEEE on a scheduled basis.


    EnviroCraft provided the customer with a 20ft lockable container that provided stealth and security of the unwanted items. We provided a scheduled service which involved our crew collecting all items and sweeping up after ourselves.

    Birmingham Branch
  • Bristol Depot Case Study

    A farm had an emergency where animal feed had been contaminated with diesel. This required immediate response.


    EnviroCraft were able to send out a Senior Surveyor within 2 hours and provide a full quotation for the removal of waste including a clean up. The customer was fully operational within 6 hours.

    Bristol Branch
  • Cambridge Depot Case Study

    A large transport company estimated that they required redundant WEEE removing. All items were loose and it was estimated that they required an articulated vehicle. The customer had no access to pallets and did not have the operational ability to palletise the items for collection.


    EnviroCraft have a wide range of abilities with a tail lift vehicle and due to its operational capabilities nationwide were able to offer the customer manned assistance. A crew attended the site in the morning with pallets to secure and prepare all items ready for transport. In the afternoon the driver attended with tail lift to remove all pallets. EnviroCraft were able to maintain a low pallet cost due to the technical efficiency used by our transport team.

    Cambridge Branch
  • Cardiff Depot Case Study

    A national painting contractor required an open skip for general waste and needed it delivering and removing on specific dates.


    EnviroCraft’s customer service team worked closely with the customer and organised a cost effective and smooth transaction allowing the customer to focus on their project.

    Cardiff Branch
  • Leeds Depot Case Study

    A law firm with limited space required a container that they could store their unwanted WEEE items in. They required something feasible and easy to use that could fit into their lift.


    EnviroCraft have a range of containers and we provided the customer with a lockable roll cage. This container had a two tier opening system which allowed it to be loaded and unloaded safely. The container had lockable wheels and could be moved about the office areas without causing a nuisance. The customer receives a full recycling service once the container is full.

    Leeds Branch
  • Leicester Depot Case Study

    A specialist door and window manufacturer required removal of WEEE. The customer arranged a urgent collection however underestimated the amount of waste they had. Due to an audit these items had to be removed on the scheduled day. The driver on site could not remove the items due to weight capacity.


    EnviroCraft have access to multiple depots and with a range of vehicles it was no problem to meet the requirements of the customer. All items were removed on the scheduled day using a rigid with tail lift. All items were recycled at our ATF facility providing all paperwork electronically making the transaction easy and environmentally friendly.

    Leicester Branch
  • Manchester Depot Case Study

    Bespoke packaging manufacturer required all prototypes and confidential papers destroying. Customer pre-palletised all waste but had no forklift.


    EnviroCraft have access to a wide fleet of vehicles and had no problem in collecting the two pallets in a tail lift vehicle. The driver collected the waste and provided the customer with all waste paperwork. The paper was shredded to BS EN15713 standards on our COMAH 1 secure site. All paperwork was electronically received by the customer, making the transaction easy and environmentally friendly.

    Manchester Branch
  • Milton Keynes Depot Case Study

    A large international blue chip client requiring articulated vehicle collections from their state of the art depot in a timely manner. The client had specific time slots for collections, as they have the ability to load a full vehicle within 4 minutes. Numerous transport companies were unable to meet the demands of this client as the importance of keeping booking slot times is imperative.


    Due to EnviroCraft’s wide range of services, we were able to reduce the cost for the customer and also maintain the times accurately. The customer received a local collection and all paperwork was sent electronically, providing an environmentally and carbon emission friendly service.

    Milton Keynes Branch
  • Reading Depot Case Study

    An IT solutions company had two storage tek L700 libraries to collect. The items were on the first floor with no access to lifts and weighed approximately 450Kg each. The items had to be moved within a two hour time slot due a new installation of hardware.


    EnviroCraft were able to meet the time slot due its operational capability and remove the item using a specialist stair walker that allowed the items to be removed safely and without damaging any property.

    Reading Branch
  • Slough Depot Case Study

    A tool manufacturer required a full waste management plan as their previous contractor had increased costs and let them down on service. Due to overflowing bins and no service the customer required immediate attention.


    EnviroCraft were able to provide the customer with a quote by simply looking at the original set up provided by the customer. Not only was we able to lower the costs for the client but also provide services for their guttering and drainage. Three months later, the customer’s account manager was able to re-look at the services and introduce a baler which allowed the customer to remove costs for recycling and receive a rebate.

    Slough Branch


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